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Refund Policy

Defective/Wrong item

We will provide Refund/Return/Replacement for all our products sold within 60 days of delivery of product with a genuine reason for Refund/Return/Replacement.

In order to qualify for a Refund/Return/Replacement, there must be a fault with the quality of the item. All items are inspected prior to shipping to make sure that they meet their provided description.

If your order has arrived with a legitimate defect please send us an email within 60 days of accepting the order so we can replace, exchange or fully or partially refund the item.

If this happens, please send us your:

1) Order number (#12345).

2) Your full name and shipping address.

3) Date of purchase.

4) Photo or video of the defective item and the description of what is damaged or defected.

5) If you received a wrong item, we also need a photo of the barcode on the bag of the wrong product.

Just contact us and we'll make it right for you.